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Mits Pro is Arbin’s comprehensive battery testing software for all applications from the lab to the production floor. Developed by Arbin’s software engineers, it provides intuitive, complete control over testing systems to generate, analyze, and manage the data you need. Cycle cells, perform dynamic real-world simulations, and perform electrochemical experiments within the same user interface.

Software Highlights

Logical, menu-driven programming for control types, termination conditions, and data logging conditions.

Simulate a test directly from a text file of time-vs-current or time-vs-power data such as a drive profile (DST, FUDS, HPPC, etc.)

Control or monitor 3rd party hardware such as temperature chambers, or flow battery hardware such as pumps, flow meters, heaters, valves, etc.

Communicate with an internal battery management system (BMS) via CAN bus or SM bus protocol.

Parallel any number of channels to allow increased current handling, while automatically compiling data.

Many optional measurement inputs are available, such as additional reference electrodes, temperature measurements, and more.

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Powerful Test Control

Arbin’s Mits Pro software suite provides the tools you need to effectively and efficiently control and monitor your testing operations. With its powerful test control, you can create a “test object” battery profile with pre-populated safety limits or create and fully customize testing profiles for your specific application. Mits Pro offers a convenient interface to add test steps, set the control type and value, set your termination conditions, and customize data logging intervals.

Complete Data Analysis

Mits Pro also offers the ability to view, plot, and analyze your battery test data in real-time, providing immediate information and insights. Chart templates and viewing options let you customize your real-time view while tests are running. To review test data later on, you can search your results by battery, operator, test profile, date, or other factors. You can also export your data into CSV or Excel format through the Mits Pro interface.

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Screenshot Walkthrough

    Create and Manage Test Profiles

    01 - Mits Pro

    MITS Pro allows fully customizable test profiles known as test “schedules” using logic-based parameters and dropdown menus.

    02 - MITS Pro: Add Steps

    Create a test “step” and select a control type from the dropdown list:

    • Current Voltage
    • Power
    • Load
    • Rest (OCV)
    • C-Rate
    • CC-CV
    • Voltage/Current Ramp
    • Voltage/Current Staircase
    • DC Internal Resistance
    • Current/Power Simulation
    • Mathematical Formula
    • Custom Current Pulse
    • Set Variables (loops)
    • And More

    03 - MITS Pro: Enter Control Value


    Set a numeric control value or select one of over 90+ pre-defined meta variables, 16 user-defined meta variables, or mathematical formula for ultimate control of the test.

    04 - MITS Pro: Set Termination Condition(s)


    Add one or more termination conditions from a drop-down list with the option to use logical AND & OR functions. Create loops, nested loops, conditional branches and more.

    05 - MITS Pro: Set Data Logging Criteria


    Add and Customize one or more data logging intervals to automatically capture extra data during important events. Log based on change in Time, Voltage, or Current.

    06 - MITS Pro: User Defined Meta Variable


    Add one or more “Set Value(s)” to automatically:

    1. Save specific cycle capacity to MV_Udx and use it as a new C-Rate value in other cycles (example shown in step 3).
    2. Save Internal Resistance value to MV_Udx and use it anywhere in the schedule for calculation (example shown in step 6).
    3. Exit based on a specific capacity value (example shown in step 7).

    Data Analysis/Real-Time Plotting

    01 - Data Watcher: Real-Time Plotting

    Data Watcher allows data to be viewed graphically in real time while tests are running.


    02 - Data Watcher: Real-Time Plotting

    Compare cycle life data from multiple tests on up to 9 plots simultaneously.


    03 - Data Watcher: Real-Time Plotting

    Click on a point along the plot to view a brief selection of data. Further data analysis is performed by accessing the full database.

    Data Watcher: Additional Features

    • View individual and multiple channels on the same chart.
    • Plot main channel data as well as any auxiliary data such as auxV and temperature.
    • Axis limits can be fixed or dynamic while tests are running.
    • Zoom in and out of the plot to view more detail in a specific area.
    • Data Watcher comes pre-installed with the Arbin system, and users also have the license to install Data Watcher on multiple PCs.


    Data Management

    Secure Data Management

    MITS Pro provides multiple user accounts and permissions levels for lab management. All data save in the robust SQL database format. Store data locally centralized on a network server, or in the cloud such as AWS.


    Centralized Networking


    Arbin Viewer


    The Arbin Data Viewer program allows remote access to the Arbin testers. Users can search Arbin systems on their network and view their status. Additionally, authorized users can see the detailed status of each channel to review, assign, start, and stop tests remotely.

    A Console TCP Interface (CTI) is available to enterprise clients who wish to control the Arbin hardware directly using their own TCP/IP commands or DLL interface.


    01 - Safety: Object File

    Create DUT Object file.

    02 - Safety: Global

    Once the Object file is assigned to the test, global safety parameters are automatically populated based on the values in the Object file. Safety settings can be further tailored at the Step level when tighter control is needed. Arbin’s MITS Pro also uses intelligent battery behavior checks during testing to help prevent accidents.

    03 - Safety: Global + Object

    Once the Object file is assigned to the test, global safety parameters are automatically populated based on the values in the Object file. Safety settings can be further tailored at the Step level when tighter control is needed. Arbin’s MITS Pro also uses intelligent battery behavior checks during testing to help prevent accidents.

    04 - Safety: Clamp Protections


    Since Arbin testing systems have a redundant microcontroller for each module dedicated to monitoring safety limits, a secondary set of voltage limits may be set for each channel. This functions as a failsafe.

    05 - Safety: Test Schedule


    Create safety limits that immediately stop the test or create safety limits that will trigger periods of rest or cool down before continuing

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