Evaluating Battery Test Equipment – Introduction

Batteries are a critical component of many products, and energy storage plays a very active role in our lives even outside of the research/industry setting. Therefore, selecting the right battery test equipment is an important decision for companies and the individual researchers who are responsible for producing results, whether they are starting small, or at massive scale.

The expert engineers at Arbin have been advancing the benchmark of “state-of-the-art” battery test equipment for over 27 years. We are defined by innovation, from being the first to apply multiple current ranges on a single test channel to more recently being the only company to offer true high-precision testing for high current applications, and supporting “Turbo Mode with smart battery modules. We continue to learn from our industry partners and work with them on key technology breakthroughs.

The following report shares some of this knowledge using plain terminology and illustrations. Here are five key topics to consider when choosing battery test equipment:

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1.  Hardware – Specifications & Quality of Materials [Continue Report Preview]

2.  Software – Usability and Features

3.  Data – Logging, Management, and Analysis

4.  Options – Auxiliary Features and Accessories

5.  Support – Product Safety and Support

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