Ultra High Precision Battery Testing

For battery applications that demand both high power and long-term performance, precision is an essential testing factor. Higher precision assists researchers in quickly identifying battery performance signals, leading to more efficient and accurate long-term forecasts. Arbin’s high-precision battery testing solutions provide precision that can be relied on to move battery innovation forward.

Arbin battery cell testing in a temperature chamber

Why Battery Researchers Rely on Arbin Test Equipment

  • Arbin's HPS battery test systems provide state-of-the-art battery test performance.
  • Arbin offer battery test solutions starting from small benchtop models, up to Gigafactory-scale testing with remote management & control, and network database solutions. 
  • The Arbin MITS testing software suite allows clients to grow from laboratory materials research to industrial battery test applications and production in a single platform.
  • All Arbin battery test equipment is safe and robust with multiple layers of safety protections and dedicated microcontrollers for each channel module.
  • Comprehensive options and accessories are available to expand and complete any cell test lab.

Solutions for Ultra High-Precision Testing Applications

Ultra High-precision battery testing solutions from Arbin Instruments address the following applications:

  • HPC Measurements (Coulombic Efficiency)
  • Electrochemical R&D, Battery, and Supercapacitor Testing
  • Half-Cell Testing and Materials Research
  • Life Cycle Testing

Importance of Precision

This plot illustrates the difference between an Arbin battery tester and another leading manufacturer. The first of the two distinct dips in the plot may have been missed using inferior test equipment. While many companies try to sell the same legacy equipment for over a decade, Arbin has been hard at work improving our designs to meet future industry demands. We learned a lot during our three year ARPA-E project to develop high-current high-precision testers, and have implemented this new technology in our LBT, RBT-Cell, and HPS test equipment series. The HPS ultra-high precision systems represent our premium product, but LBT is superior to other standard testers on the market.

Measurement precision is more critical for long‐term battery testing and long‐term battery projections than control accuracy alone. Most other battery testing systems do not correctly specify their precision and/or have relatively poor precision, which hinder the conclusions drawn from results data. Important trends and electrochemical indicators may remain unnoticed; lost in the measurement noise as illustrated at right.

What Affects Test Equipment Precision
Resolution of DAC
Resolution of ADC
Non-linearity of calibration
Short-term drift (temperature)
Long-term drift (material characteristics)

Arbin Test Equipment Improvements
Higher Resolution
Improved Software Algorithms
New Methods of Thermal Management
New Patented Shunt Design
New Method of Time Keeping
New Materials


Auxiliaries and Optional Accessories Available to Enhance Testing

MZTC Multi-Chamber

Arbin Battery Test Chamber

Arbin's MZTC "Multi-Chamber" provides 8 fully independent mini-temperature chambers to isolate cells under test.

EIS Integration

Add a Gamry EIS unit or Arbin ACIM module that is shared across up to 32 test channels (each).

Battery Holders and Racks

A variety of racks and battery holder are available for all cell types for an organized test environment.

Temperature Control
Temperature Measurement

EIS (electrochemical impedance spectroscopy) is an optional module to add to Arbin test systems to further enhance their capability.  Each EIS module can be shared/used by up to 32 Arbin test channels.  EIS data is synchronized with Arbin test data.
Compatible EIS modules include:
- Gamry 1010E
- Gamry 5000E
- Gamry Ref 3000
- Arbin ACIM module

Auxiliary Voltage Measurement
Digital or Analog I/O
Battery Holders

A variety of battery holders are available to complement any test lab.  Arbin offers individual cell holders as well as trays & racks which can be used with a higher quantity of cells.

Individual cell holders are available for coincells, cylindrical cells, pouch cells, and a general interface with alligator clips.

Multi-cell Trays are available for coincells, cylindrical cells, pouch cells, and a blank tray interface.  A variety of rack sizes are available to house these cell trays.


Accelerated Innovation with Ultra High-Precision Test Equipment

Artificially accelerated life cycle testing protocols result in aggressive test patterns and alter battery performance in unrealistic ways. By supporting more realistic calendar-life use profiles, Arbin’s high-precision testing systems (HPS) allow researchers to see the minute trends and nuances in data that are the first signs of battery degradation – without resorting to these flawed, accelerated methods. This approach can screen out less promising materials and shorten battery development time by focusing on precision rather than speed.


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