Batteries Provide Critical Support During COVID-19 Pandemic


The strain on the global economy and infrastructure as COVID-19, or coronavirus, continues to spread is enormous.

Healthcare entities need to find ways to handle increased demand and the need for effective telemedicine, the United Nations predicts a potential $2-trillion dip in the world’s economy as a result of the pandemic, and industries the world over need to find agile solutions to address this strain.

However, one aspect of these plans of attack remains consistent – batteries.

How Batteries Support Solutions During Times of Uncertainty

Batteries help the world’s major players and industries address the challenges brought about by COVID-19 and other pandemics in three key ways, including:

  • Making Remote Work Not Only Possible, But Fruitful
    As distancing recommendations and remote work requirements continue to rise in an effort to combat the virus’s spread, remote capabilities need to provide an avenue toward respecting these regulations without a significant dip in productivity.These work from home efforts, which are driving every industry from education to healthcare during this pandemic, are powered by devices and critical networks that make them possible.And, in turn, these assets are driven by batteries.

    Batteries ensure that these remote initiatives are prepped for success, providing reliability and dependability users can rely on, particularly at the network level as demands increase.

  • Helping the Healthcare Industry Address Rising Demand
    In addition to supply chain concerns and strain, healthcare providers are being forced to reckon with skyrocketing demand, potential telemedicine solutions and more.These telemedicine solutions go hand-in-hand with the aforementioned remote initiatives, but even more critical are hospital and physician efforts to account for the sheer number of patients expected to enter the system in the coming months.Critical equipment making this response possible is driven by batteries, again highlighting their role in supporting the overall efforts to respond to and curtail the ripple effect of COVID-19.
  • Connecting People Across the Globe to Critical Information
    Perhaps no commodity is more valuable during pandemics like COVID-19 than information.In today’s interconnected society, the spread of critical information is more possible than ever before – but not without the infrastructure to support this dissemination.Enter batteries. Batteries help power the global network that delivers key insights and directives to every corner of every industry, helping unite the world’s efforts to meet the challenges presented by COVID-19 head on.                                                                                                                                                                                                         Learn more about Arbin’s role in ensuring batteries carry the load they need to in times of uncertainty

Learn more about Arbin’s role in ensuring batteries carry the load they need to in times of uncertainty


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