Arbin Instruments, a leader in battery testing instrumentation, has been selected by Ambri to provide high current battery testing systems for its pilot manufacturing expansion. These systems will facilitate the development and commercialization of its revolutionary Liquid Metal™ batteries. Ambri’s next-generation batteries offer long-duration stationary energy storage for a variety of electric grid and datacenter

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Battery technology is ever evolving as research and development into different materials, configurations, and designs bring new insights and breakthroughs. As the world moves towards green energy, Arbin’s battery test equipment is designed to help innovate for the battery needs of the future.

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Temperature has a significant impact on battery performance, which makes it an important factor to consider in testing batteries. Learn the different ways temperature can affect battery performance, temperature considerations for testing batteries, and how Arbin Instruments can help you address these concerns.

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Arbin Instruments recently had the privilege to attend the 2021 Battery Show, an important event focused on innovations in the battery industry. We wanted to share more about our experience from this event and our highlights from this year’s tradeshow floor. 

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