Arbin Instruments, a leader in battery testing instrumentation, has been selected by Ambri to provide high current battery testing systems for its pilot manufacturing expansion. These systems will facilitate the development and commercialization of its revolutionary Liquid Metal™ batteries. Ambri’s next-generation batteries offer long-duration stationary energy storage for a variety of electric grid and datacenter applications.  

“We are excited to have been selected by Ambri to provide industry-leading battery testing systems,” said Lee Tillman, North American Sales Manager at Arbin. “We look forward to supporting the development of next-generation stationary battery energy storage systems.”  

Arbin will supply Ambri with its Laboratory Battering Testing (LBT) series hardware, which provides industry-leading, high-precision measurements and high-frequency data sampling. Paired with Arbin’s software flexibility, this battery test equipment provides the control that is needed for the real-world tests that Ambri will be performing. The technology used in the LBT series of equipment was commercialized from a successful ARPA-E project, for which Arbin and industry partners Sandia National Lab and Ford won an R&D 100 award.  

“To meet net-zero commitments and effectively address climate change, major changes are needed to our energy generation mix – including how to store an increasing amount of intermittent renewable energy sources,” said Adam Briggs, Chief Commercial Officer at Ambri. “Partnering with Arbin leverages the strengths of our respective technologies to commercialize Ambri’s grid-scale, Liquid Metal™ battery systems, which are critically necessary for successful decarbonization efforts. This partnership marks important progress in our work to deploy systems globally beginning in 2023, especially for utilities, independent power producers (IPPs), and other customers with high energy demands.” 

For over thirty years, the expert engineers at Arbin have been advancing state-of-the-art battery test equipment. As Ambri moves to commercialize its Liquid Metal™ batteries – which cost 25% less than lithium-ion systems and are produced with commonly available and recyclable materials – Arbin’s decades of experience in the industry and emphasis on precision will serve to advance Ambri’s unique technology and help facilitate the deployment of Ambri systems around the globe.  


Arbin Instruments is the leading manufacturer of high-precision battery test equipment.  Arbin offers a competitive edge to battery researchers and industry clients whose decision-making is empowered by seeing the smallest changes happening in their batteries.     

Arbin was founded in 1991 and headquartered in College Station, Texas, USA.  Regional offices are in China, Germany, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, and India to support our global network. 


Ambri’s Liquid Metal™ battery technology solves the world’s biggest energy problems – fundamentally changing the way power grids operate by increasing the contribution from renewable resources and reducing the need to build traditional power plants. Ambri’s long duration energy storage solution is built for daily cycling – even in extreme, harsh environments. With a lifespan of 20+ years with minimal fade, Ambri systems are not only extremely reliable but also safe as Ambri systems do not produce or emit any gases and no possibility for thermal runaway. For more information visit: